Reno Church of Christ

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Limitless Life: Is Your Life Limited by Labels?

Is your life limited by the labels that others have given to you and defined you with? Labels like: addict, weak, failure, crazy . . . labels don’t have to define us. Please join us as we discover limitless living through Jesus.

Discussion Questions

1. Labels can be good or not so good. Think of a label you wish you had or had in a stronger degree. Name it and a Bible verse that will encourage you to strive toward it.

2. Think of a label you wish you didn't have. Name it and find a Bible verse that can help you move toward ridding yourself of it. 

3. Mark 10:27 states that all things are possible with God. How do we, or others, limit God in our lives? What would happen to our lives if we TRULY believed God could change things and made it part of our prayer life? What verses could help encourage you to pray for limitless living? 

4. Zig Ziglar writes, “When we live in a label for so long, getting rid of it is like learning a foreign language.” What are some strategies for getting rid of the limiting labels we’ve been given or given ourselves?

5. Think of a bible character who might have been labeled unfairly. Explain why you think so. 

6. Labels often become attached to us in our childhood years. What would you say to parents about using the ‘right’ kind of labels for their children?