Reno Church of Christ

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Limitless Faith

Is anything too hard for God? We either believe in a big God or a small God. We worship a limitless God. But we limit a limitless God by our limited faith. Please join us as we discover limitless living through Jesus.

Discussion Questions

1. There are many people in the Bible who showed great faith. Choose one. What about this character's faith is inspiring to you and how can his/her show of faith help us in our walk with God?

2. Most people have times in their lives when they struggle with faith. What Bible verses can encourage or give comfort during those times?

How can we help ourselves or others who are struggling to maintain faith in troubling times?

3. When our faith in God is strengthened, our actions for God seem to be stronger and when we do more for God our faith tends to grow deeper.  What kinds of things can we do to strengthen ourselves as Christians?

4. When we fail to realize how great God is, we can often put limitations on Him. What limitations do we put on Christ in our lives? 

How do we find a balance of relying on God and taking action to help our own situations?

5. What does it mean to you to have a Big God?

6. Matt used two of God’s names in his lesson on Sunday; Yahweh and El Shaddah. List two other names God has and share how they can strengthen our faith.