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Sin - Our Lives Depend on Understanding It
Discussion Questions

Below are the discussion questions we will be reviewing in our study on Wednesday night (03/09/2016, 6pm at the church building). Please review the below and be prepared to discuss them this Wednesday. If you would like to read a summary of the sermon, or watch the video, please click here.

Coming Soon! Discussion Questions will be added the day of the Sermon

Diving Deeper:

  • Why must there be payment for sin either by Christ or us in hell?
  • How can we know if something is sinful? Why are there so many disagreements over what is sin?
  • Do you believe that all sins are the same? Why? Why not?
  • Are there different degrees or levels of sin?
  • Is there a difference between willful sins and sins committed in ignorance?
  • If Jesus paid the price for sin then why do we still suffer the consequences of sin?
  • Explain the ramifications of James 4:17, "Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn't do it, sins."

If your group has time please discuss:

  • Explain the concept of ‘original sin’. Do you think the bible teaches this idea?
  • What do you think the unpardonable sin is? (Mk. 3:22-30, Mt 12. 22-32)