Reno Church of Christ

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Continuing the Cycle

Nathan DeWitt
How we go about taking what we have learned into the world. Teaching new converts about the fundamentals of faith. 
The Encouragement of Structure
J Bell 
The Fundamentals of Faith encourage my belief in Christianity by having structure. Contrasting alternative beliefs that profess to have multiple paths to salvation drives me to realize that salvation has a price. It's not something that is given away to anyone that choses to do anything they want to do to get it. Apart from a selfish thought, if something is free, is it truly free or did someone do something to make it free for you?

Putting All the Fundamentals Together

It’s one thing to talk about the Fundamentals of Faith and it’s another thing to live them out in our lives. Listen below as four of our leaders talk about how these Fundamentals of Faith impact our Christian walk moving forward.
Own It!
Mark Herota
We've learned about the Fundamentals of Faith, now it's time to put them into action in our lives. We'll talk about how we take ownership and responsibility in the local congregation, of our own personal growth, of our individual spiritual transformation.

Total Surrender

Matt Hayes

Being reminded of the Fundamentals pushes me toward understanding that I can't do it on my own. I'll never be good enough, righteous enough, or able to do it on my own. No matter now much I try, the only way is to learn to surrender to God and that's not easy.