Reno Church of Christ

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Blessings and Responsibilities
of Being a Christian

Below are the discussion questions we will be reviewing in our study on Wednesday night (07/13/2016, 6pm at the church building). Please review the below and be prepared to discuss them this Wednesday. If you would like to read a summary of the sermon, or watch the video, please click here.


  1. What are the benefits of belonging to the family of God? What is the evidence in your life that you belong to the family of God?
  2. Why is it sometimes easier to isolate ourselves rather than get to know other people on a deeper level?
  3. Find a scripture or two to share with the group that might help when you are feeling isolated from God, or your church family, and could encourage. Share why it means something to you.
  4. When we are feeling isolated from others and / or God, what are practical ways of getting closer to God and others? What scriptures support these methods?
  5. I Cor 6:18-20 says that we are to glorify God, even with our bodies and Gal 5:16-18 says we are to walk in the Spirit. How do we apply these scriptures in our lives today?
  6. There are blessings AND responsibilities to being a Christian. Ask yourself; are you living up to your responsibilities? List some practical ways you can start to live up to the responsibilities of being a Christian.
  7. Find a verse or two that inspires you to be more active for God; that inspires you to fulfill your responsibilities to Christ, and share those with the group