Reno Church of Christ

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Study/Discussion Questions:

1. The Bible teaches that we are to be humble and treat others in a loving way, regardless of their background / circumstances. This doesn't always happen. What do you think holds us back in doing this all the time? What scripture could help you become more accepting of everyone?

2. Think of a time you were on the other side of favoritism. Maybe you were visiting a different congregation and no one talked to you. Maybe you were at school and your friends ditched you to hang out with someone else. Think about how this made you feel. With those thoughts in mind, list some of the negative impacts of favoritism that we need to work to avoid in the Reno Church of Christ.

3. You just thought of a time when you were a victim of favoritism. List three to five other areas or ways that favoritism still shows itself in the church? What changes can we make to limit/eliminate it?

4. In what ways do our actions /attitudes reflect that we feel we are "Somebody" in God's eyes? What are some practical things we can do to be humble and show others (and ourselves) that we are not better than anyone else?

5. Please explain how you believe God’s grace fits into our discussion. How does understanding His grace limit our showing favoritism and how does it help us when we are the victim of favoritism? 

Pressure Points: You Are a Dog! (Mark 7:24-30)

This should be one of those stories that makes you say, "What's up with that?" This story just seems a little off. It doesn’t seem to be fitting with the character of Jesus. Please join us as we look at it carefully, to see if we can figure out what's going on