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Study/Discussion Questions:

1. Conflict is defined as the mental struggle resulting from incompatible or opposing needs, drives, wishes, or external or internal demands. 

Basically, this means that there is “conflict” whenever there is a difference between what current is and what we want to be. Based on this definition, conflict can be positive or negative, but resolution always requires change. Using this definition and concept:

a.   Describe a situation where conflict resulted in a positive outcome for you.

b.   How can we apply this concept to a negative conflict to improve the outcome, or our perception that the outcome will be negative?

2. Jesus had many conflicts with others in His life. Choose one or two. What can you learn from Him about how to handle conflict in a Christian way?

3. What Bible verses help you to be more like Christ in dealing with others?

4. Most conflicts in life can be resolved by having the right heart, particularly, a heart aligned with God. List a couple of different conflicts, and how having the right heart with God could help you resolve them.

5. The goal on conflict resolution is unity. However, there are times when, despite all efforts to reconcile, present unrepented sin prevents us from resolving conflict. What should we do in situations like this?​

Pressure Points: Conflict Resolution

Stella Liebeck sued McDonald's in 1992 after spilling coffee into her own lap. Stella was awarded $2.9 million in damages by a New Mexico jury, and ever since then, McDonald's has had to warn people that their coffee is hot. Is there a better way to resolve conflict than to drag someone to court? Please join us as we discuss the way Jesus resolved conflicts.