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wisDUMB 3 - How Do We Gain Wisdom

Sunday Morning, June 25th, 2017

By: Matt Hayes

The world says that wisdom comes from age. However, there are a lot of older people who lack wisdom. If wisdom starts with God then how do we gain wisdom in our daily decisions?

Discussion/Study Questions

1. The world is full of people and religions believing they have wisdom and it comes from God, but terrible things happen from it (genocide, war, etc.). What can we do to help insure that our wisdom is from God and not Satan trying to lead us astray?

2. Psalms 90:12 says, “Teach us to keep account of our days so we may develop inner wisdom.” How does knowing we are not immortal help us to seek out wisdom?

What would we do less of/more of if we really internalized this idea?

3. The Bible is full of verses that tell us it is better to listen than speak as we acquire wisdom. Name your favorite Bible verse that speaks to you about this concept. How could it help you in your life?

4. Think of someone... yourself, someone else or a Bible character, who listened to another's wisdom and changed the course of their life or a path they were on. What made them open to listening to another's wisdom?

5. We often come to church and listen to lessons, we read God’s word and yet we don’t always seem to gain in wisdom. Why do you think that is?

6. What would you like people to say about you at your memorial service?