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God's Saving Plan - In 5 Simple Steps!

STEP 1 – HEAR (Romans 10:17) :  God's plan for saving people begins when a person hears His Word (the Bible) about His Son (Jesus Christ). Those who hear how much God loves them (which was enough to give the life of His Son) will understand that God wants to free them and forgive them of their sins by adopting them into His family.

STEP 2 – BELIEVE (Hebrews 11:6):  After hearing God's Word, people develop faith (belief) in God. They begin to believe in God's gospel plan. The more they hear God's Word, the more their faith grows.

STEP 3 – REPENT (Luke 13:3):  The next step for a person who has come to believe in God is to start loving Him and desiring to change their life for Him. This is called repentance. This is when a person changes from their former way of living by replacing their old ways with new spiritually minded ways (God’s ways).

STEP 4 – CONFESS (Romans 10:10):  The next step is to confess verbally that Jesus is God's Son. God's Word says that believing in our hearts and confessing that Jesus is the Son of God is required for our salvation. Jesus said that if a person confesses Him before others that He would confess that person before His Father in Heaven (Matthew 10:32).

STEP 5 – BAPTISM (Acts 2:38):  Then it is necessary to have our sins washed away. This final step in becoming a Christian is to be baptized by immersion in water for the forgiveness of sins. It is this obedient act that forms the bond to Christ, and that person becomes a Christian, a new creature in God's sight. (Galatians 3:27)

After becoming a Christian it is then important to remain faithful (Revelation 2:10), to continue in Bible study (John 8:31), and to live according to God's word.