Reno Church of Christ

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Maturing in Christ

Our Vision Statement is "To develop followers of Jesus who love God, love people, and take the gospel to the world."

This Vision Statement is the foundation for the process we hope to move through as we grow and mature as Christians. The process is three parts:

  • Connecting - developing followers of Jesus who love God
  • Growing - developing followers of Jesus who love people
  • Serving - developing followers of Jesus who take the gospel to the world

We start connecting with each other and with God in our worship services. As we worship and learn more about Jesus and God, it strengthens our commitment and love for Them. (See Mark 12:29-31 for what the Bible says about connecting)

After we develop our initial connections, we start growing and maturing as Christians. We do this by beginning to attend group Bible Studies. In these studies, we develop stronger relationships with each other and with God as well. (See Romans 12:1-2 for what the Bible says about growing)

The next natural step is we begin serving others. We start looking for ways to help others. We move from just attending group Bible Studies, to smaller ministry groups. We use these ministry groups to really connect with God by connecting with His people. These small groups serve a variety of purposes: we participate in small group studies to grow in knowledge of God and further mature as Christians; we participate in small groups focused on reaching out to our community; we participate in small groups designed to serve our community and those in need. (See 1 Peter 4:10-11 for what the Bible says about serving)

The great part about this process is that it doesn't just end there. We don't just stop once we get to the serving step, but we move beyond it. We connect with new people at church. We're side by side with them as they move into group bible studies, and start growing. We participate with them as they start serving the community in ministry groups.

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