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Current and Past Sermon Series

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This sermon series focuses on what we need to do to have a heart that is pleasing to God. We are changing to a podcast format. There is not a direct link to the series.

 Sept. 2019
Details coming soon
  September -
  October 2017
Dumb decisions. Unfortunately, we make them all the time. Is there a way to avoid them, make them less often or at least keep from repeating them? Join us as we discover how to move from wisDUMB to WISDOM.
  June-July 2017
 The “Relationship Status” sermon series is all about learning to develop stronger relationships in your life. As we go through this study, we’ll learn what God’s plan is for us and our relationships
 April-May 2017
This series is a great way to start the year because it’s all about breaking off the limits of the past and looking ahead and being all you can be in a brighter new year. 

 January-March 2017
Pressure is nothing new. James, wrote to Jewish Christians in the first century who faced intense pressure. This sermon series explores some of the 'Pressure Points' we face as Christians

  November-December 2016

This sermon series explores WHY God designed the Church the way He did, and how we can find fulfillment and spiritual growth through loving God and His Church.

  September-October 2016

This sermon series covers the topic of discipleship and spiritual disciplines. The goal is for each of us to become better 'Rooted' in our faith.

 June-August 2016
This sermon series aims to help us move from just being a Christian to being transformed into children of God who work every day to be more like His Son; Jesus Christ

 April-May 2016

This sermon series aims to answer some of the most basic questions people have about Christianity, and help us get more acquainted with the Fundamentals of the Faith we hold so dear

 February-March 2016
We often hear sayings or bits of wisdom repeated so often that they become ingrained in our minds. The problem is, they're not always true. This is especially true with religious matters. In our study this month we are going to discuss ideas we have or things we say that may not be accurate.
 November 2015

Our mission statement is:“Developing followers of Jesus who love God, love people and take the Gospel to the world.” It’s easy to forget about our vision and lose focus if we do not actively work toward it. In our study this month, we'll focus on renewing this vision.

September-October 2015
The book of Nehemiah is a great book that helps us understand why it's so important to rely on God, to devote ourselves to Him, to approach Him in prayer. 
 June-August 2015
 'One Another' is mentioned more than 100 times in scripture. This sermon series studies some of the more prominent 'One Anothers'
 March-May 2015

While sin is often an abstract idea that we attribute to evil people, it can live within each of us. This sermon series studies the so-called '7 deadly sins'
  January-February 2015

A sermon series on the Upside-Down teachings of Jesus.

 December 2014
 A sermon series on anger. Are we angry? Why? How does this affect us? How does it impact others?
 October-November 2014
A sermon series on achieving balance in our lives, both personally and spiritually

 September 2014

 A sermon series about how we follow Jesus. Are we actually a follower? Or are we just a fan?

 August 2014
A sermon series about the Cross of Christ. Why it mattered. Why it had to be done this way. Its significance to us today
 July 2014
A sermon series on starting over; getting a fresh start

 June 2014
A sermon series on the adictiveness of sin

 April-May 2014
A sermon series on getting back to the basics; the fundamentals of Christian living
 January-April 2014
 A sermon series for the Holidays. Sermons on Joy, Hope, Love, Jesus, and New Year's Resolutions
 December 2013
 A sermon series about our heart/soul. About how important it is for it to be renovated so we can become more like Christ
 August-November 2013
This is a series of sermons given by various members, reflecting on our time in Reno. What we've learned, what we should focus on moving forward, how we continue to grow.
 July 2013
A sermon series on showing Christ in the way we serve others
 June 2013
 A sermon series to help us develop a biblical vision as well as practical resources for displaying God’s glory to the nations through our lives and our church congregations. 
 April/June 2013
A sermon series about how we show our love to God
 March 2013
 A sermon series on the love of God

 February 2013