Reno Church of Christ

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True Ownership (Sunday Morning, April 27th)
Luke 12:13-21
Jesus begins to talk to his disciples about a number of provocative subjects; hypocrisy, judgement, hell, God's omniscience, God's spirit and then He is interrupted. Here is what the man who interrupted Him said, "Tell my brother to give me what's mine!" Jesus used that question to explain how we should look at our possessions. Everything we have comes from God and we are merely managers or stewards of it. 
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True Generosity (Sunday Morning, May 5th)
Philippians 4:14-23
God equips people spiritually as they minister practically, and He achieves His divine ends through human means. God is committed to looking after the one who gives generously. Paul is so moved by these truths that he exclaims, “To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen.” True generosity in our stewardship is intended for God’s eternal glory.
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True Purpose (Sunday Morning, May 12th)
Acts 16:6-12
God’s desire for us in this body of believers is precisely what it was for the Christians at Philippi. He wants us to keep the vision alive as we listen to the Call, follow in the Way, and reach for the Goal — focusing our affections on things above, not things of this earth, and living lives of True Purpose.
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True Faith (Sunday Morning, May 19th)
Acts 14:8-22
We are stewards, called and chosen by God to manage the resources that He places in our care. To manage wisely, True Faith is essential — visionary, sacrificial faith. We can experience this, because the same God who gave us the resources in the first place, gives us the faith to steward those resources for His glory and honor.
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True Satisfaction (Sunday Morning, May 26th)
Philippians 4:10-13
True Satisfaction is a rare thing in today’s world. Constantly grabbing for more, most people never realize that contentment is spiritual, not material.
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True Commitment (Sunday Morning, June 2nd)
John 13:36-38 and John 21:15-20
Jesus asks each one of us this same question: Do you really love me?
He wants us to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. (Matthew 22:37)
Love for our family, friends, job or pleasures must never count more than our love for Him. (Luke 14:26)
Love for Christ is the only motive that will keep a disciple faithful in all circumstances.

It is not enough to want to be successful, or to want to do good in the world, for there is a higher motivation.Our commitment must be prompted by genuine love.
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