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We often hear sayings or bits of wisdom repeated so often that they become ingrained in our minds. The problem is, they're not always true. This is especially true with religious matters.

In our study this month we are going to discuss ideas we have or things we say that may not be accurate.

Here are a few of the things were going to look at together:

  • Can faith fix everything? If something doesn't happen the way we think it should, is it because we don't have enough faith?
  • What about karma? Many Christians believe in some form of karma. Is this something we have accepted from culture, or is this a biblical teaching we need to understand?
  • Does everything happen for a reason? I've thought it, and probably even said it. However, does the Bible teach that everything happens for a reason?
  • Are we to judge? People often say, don't judge. However, are they quoting the Bible properly? Is there more to this idea than most of us understand?
  • Is our conscience a good guide? We often say that we should let our conscience be our guide. It seems reasonable and it seems to to make sense. However, is our conscience the guide we should be using?

Please Join us for this New Sermon Series starting in September!

Wrong Things Christians Say: Karma
Sunday Morning, September 13th, 2015
By: Matt Hayes
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Wrong Things Christians Say: Everything Happens For a Reason
Sunday Morning, September 14th, 2015
By: Matt Hayes
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