Reno Church of Christ

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This sermon series aims to answer some of the most basic questions people have about Christianity, and help us get more acquainted with the Fundamentals of the Faith we hold so dear

Fundamentals of God

Sunday Morning, 2/14, 10:30am

Have you ever wondered who God is? Have you wanted to know more about the relationship of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? We invite you to join us as we study this fascinating topic together.

Fundamentals of the Bible
Sunday Morning, 2/21, 10:30am

Do you want to know more about the Bible? Have you ever wondered how we can know that the Bible is the word of God? If you’d like to learn more, please join us as we discuss this topic.

Exploring Jesus
Sunday Morning, 2/28, 10:30am

Who is Jesus? Why do some deny that He existed while others are willing to die for Him? Join us as we explore the life of one of the most influential and polarizing figures in all of history.

Sin—Our Lives Depend on Understanding it
Sunday Morning, 3/6, 10:30am

We seem to notice the sin in others’ lives but deny it in our own life. What is sin? Why is it imperative that we understand it? Please join us as we explore the impact of sin in our lives.

Fundamentals of Salvation
Sunday Morning, 3/13, 10:30am

It seems today that every Christian religion has different requirements to be saved. What would the world look like if we turned to the Bible to discover what it says about salvation? Come hear what the Bible says about salvation.

Fundamentals of the Church
Sunday Morning, 3/20, 10:30am

Many people say they love God and hate religion. According to God’s word, that is not possible. If we love God we will also love the church that His son died for. Please join us as we seek to understand this misunderstood subject.

Transformation—Becoming What God Desires
Sunday Morning, 3/27, 10:30am

Christianity is a lifestyle; a lifestyle of transformation. If you’re a Christian you can’t live a static, unchanging life. Your life needs to be constantly transforming. Come hear what the Bible says about transformation in a Christian life.

Putting All the Fundamentals Together

Sunday Morning, 4/3, 10:30am

It’s one thing to talk about the Fundamentals of Faith and it’s another thing to live them out in our lives. Come listen as four of our leaders talk about how these Fundamentals of Faith have changed their lives.